Courses I’ve Taught.

I’m now a full-time researcher at a tech company, and a part-time yoga instructor, so I’m not adjuncting at the moment.

While it was amazing to watch students grow, and push them forward towards graduation (especially when they were on the verge of dropping out), being an adjunct is hard as shit. You get paid in corn nuts, and you can’t by food with corn nuts. In fact, you can’t buy anything with corn nuts. So I was always very hungry. In tech, they give you corn nuts, and also a salary. It helps. I do hope to get back to my college undergrads one day. Nonetheless, here are some of the courses my students blessed me to lead them in.


Adjunct Lecturer

John Jay College/ Department of African American Studies (Spring 2013 – Winter 2014)

Justice, Individual, Struggle: Undergraduate course that fulfills the requirement of the Justice Core; explores the history of people of African descent in the Americas, and links ideas of citizenship, freedom, and justice to the lives of African descendants in the Americas today

Hunter College/CUNY Department of Africana, Puerto Rican, and Latino Studies (Fall 2013)

Black Popular Culture: undergraduate elective that explores the effects of historical representations of “blackness” in the media, with a focus on aesthetics, gender, sexuality, power, and resistance from the early 1900s to the present.

St. John’s University, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Queens, NY (Spring 2013)

Language and Culture: Core undergraduate anthropology course that explores the influence of language on social relationships, cultural constructs, gender, race, and power


Teaching Intern/Teaching Assistant

University of Chicago, The College, Chicago, IL (2011 – 2012)

Social Science Inquiry Core (Research Methods Course) – One-Year Sequence (John Brehm, Alberto Simpser, Micere Keels): Three part sequence which focused on qualitative and quantitative methods of social science inquiry using Stata, and which culminated in a student-direct project on education and inequalities

University of Chicago, Division of the Social Sciences, Chicago, IL (2012)

Research Designs in Human Development (Micere Keels): Course supplied an overview of qualitative and quantitative methods of research, and equipped students with the tools to develop a concise research question, and the ability to master their research design

Problems of Policy Implementation (Richard Taub): Course explored topics focus on bureaucratic organization, and the politics of administration.